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It would be incredible if we could find a way to use our feet on the kayak and have our arms free for taking video or eating lunch.  Hobie and their MirageDrive provided just that.  They have a revolutionary pedal system that allows us to use our leg muscles while fishing, capturing video or resting our shoulders.  Because of Hobie we may be able to seriously decrease the amount of time we’ll need to get to the Gulf, all while remaining human powered.

Partnering with Sachtler, the premier camera support Sachtler großes "S" 1c ohne Claimmanufacturer, was a huge boost to the quality of our film production.  They have generously provided the world’s lightest fluid head tripod system, so we can capture the river without compromise.

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Our project and subsequent documentary will utilize Ardent’s experiential learning modules in order to maximize our efficiency on the river and in the edit room.  Over the past two decades, Ardent Learning has established itself as a results-driven, strategic business partner, providing solutions that help people work better, faster and smarter.


When we’re off the water we need dependable tents and sleeping bags in order to recharge for the next day or to provide some respite from the elements.  Mountainsmith’s support has been crucial- from zero degree sleeping bags to unreleased 2015 tents, we’ll be braving the elements in style and in as much ease as possible.  Stay tuned for more pictures and videos about their latest products.

Adata-logoOnly a few companies manufacture drives tough enough  reliably store data in rugged environments. With the help of their military- grade  shockproof and waterproof (IPX7) construction with an ultra-fast USB  3.0  interface the last thing we’re worried about is data storage.


Powertraveller has some of the best solar panels on the market for backcountry expeditions.  Having their Solar Gorilla and Power Gorillawill be crucial for our project, allowing us to charge our cameras and laptops in remote locations.

geigerrig-logoHaving enough clean drinking water on the river will be of paramount importance (most likely we’ll need about a gallon a day), which is why having Geigerrig’s support is so huge.  Geigerrig makes a pressurized hydration pack that allows us to drink from their 3L pack while paddling, and they have an “in-line” filter we can attach directly to the pack’s hose.


Finding a shoe that would make the portage around dams manageable and was still able to keep our feet dry on the water was no easy task, until we found Keen’s Marshall WP.  A perfect shoe for the hiking, wading and paddling we’ll be doing on the river.

pelicanlogoWorrying about getting our electronics wet went from being crucial to minimal with Pelican’s help.  Their dry cases will keep all our camera gear water-free, so we can focus on paddling when we’re not using them

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McNett is the industry standard in adventure gear repair. With 5 individual brands that specialize in maintaining your gear, don’t replace, travel smarter and repair with McNett.


Source Local Foods is renowned for delivering locally grown and processed food to kitchens throughout Colorado.  Their devotion to making local foods more accessible is one of the ways we can cut farm runoff and pollution from transportation.


In order to address the complex environmental challenges we face today, we’ll need the support from across our population.  cityWILD uses experiential education to expose wider audiences to the grandeur of the outdoors and empowers them to engage in service learning to protect what they love.

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