The Expedition

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Our team is kayaking the longest navigable waterway in North America (Jefferson-Missouri-Mississippi River System), traversing 14 states and almost 4,000 miles. If we paddle 8 hours a day we will reach the Gulf of Mexico in about 5 months. The expedition will culminate with a feature length documentary about our adventure and the specific ways our food production system impacts our waterways from source to sea.

The journey will begin at the utmost source of the Missouri River at Brower’s Spring, over 8,000 ft. above sea level.  We will need to navigate whitewater, paddle across 16 reservoirs spanning over 1,200 miles in length and also need to portage, with no help from gas powered vehicles, around 16 dams. Along the way we will pass through 10 Native American reservations including the The Santee (Eastern Dakotas), Teton (Lakota) and several others.

At St. Louis the Missouri joins the Mississippi, and our expedition will take on a drastically different character.  We’ll now need to contend with the heat and humidity of the South, a constant flow of barges, and the accompanying insects.

Finding food and water will also be a major challenge as we will regularly be spending several days in remote locations with no cell service, running water or electricity. To combat these issues we will need to carry two weeks of food, water filters and solar panels to power our production gear off the grid.

After thousands of miles and many months, we’ll finally reach the Gulf of Mexico…


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  1. Mike Smith

    Looking forward to following your trip. Back in 92 I canoed from Lima Mt. to Portland MI. over 3,000 in 105 days in a solo Sea Wind Kruger canoe. Each time someone paddles this stretch it takes me back in time. Good luck, be safe and most important take it all in.

    • BW Drifters Post author

      That’s great advice Mike, sometimes focusing on getting to the next campsite overtakes living in the moment. We’re going to have to look up the route you took for your canoe trip- so awesome!!


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