The Team


Who is Nick (if you ask Joe)?: Nick Caiazza is a dedicated filmmaker, foregoing the allure of a stable salaried job in order to follow his passion.  In a field heavily saturated with mediocrity and misaligned priorities, I believe that Nick is one of the few people that will find genuine, self-defined success.  Nick loves film as a medium of self expression because of its ability to influence and inspire.

One of Nick’s best qualities is his unwavering loyalty.  From giving you a place to crash or believing in a dream others have discounted for you, Nick is one of those rare individuals that gives as much as he can to those he cares about.

The part of this expedition I’m most excited for Nick is:  Nick allows himself to feel the pain of the world in a way that most people shut off as they get older.  I hope this expedition will soothe a little of the angst he feels when wondering if he is doing enough.


Who is Joe (if you ask Nick)?Joe is a leader and explorer with a work ethic as strong as his personal obligation to his community. As a community activist Joe spends what little free time he has volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Judi’s House and cityWILD. At the age of 25 Joe has developed a skill set that defines his moral character: intelligent, critical, well spoken and passionate.

Joe lives in a state of cultural and environmental consciousness few will come to realize even in old age, only finding satisfaction when he is exhausted by his efforts and the job is done. Joe is charismatic without hubris, generous without expectations, righteous without compromise.

The part of this expedition I’m most excited for Joe is:  for him to rediscover the simple comforts of the natural environment. More importantly for him to utilize his work and this project to positively influence his community, full time.

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    • BW Drifters Post author

      Thanks Dave! It will certainly be a huge change, but we’re super excited to take it on. That solo cross country bike trip sounds incredible!


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