The Stories Come Alive

We are proud to officially present our 15 minute video to everyone that followed along on our expedition!

Blackwater Drifters from BLACKWATER DRIFTERS on Vimeo.

A quick update on the team:

Nick is currently driving around the country getting additional footage and interviews in order to potentially make a longer version of the movie.  If people enjoy the 15 min video, then we’ll devote additional time and resources to putting together an 80-100 min version.  Nick’s road-trip will end in New York, where he will surely burst into the film world and rise to the top of his profession.  Any references people can send Nick in the film world will only hasten his success.

Joe is staying in Colorado and will be devoting his time and energy to becoming a firefighter.  Having recently received his EMT certification, Joe looks forward to spending his time helping those in their most stressful days.  He is also continuing his community involvement and has recently been appointed as the President on the Board of Directors for cityWILD.

This may be one of the last posts for the BWD project, but this won’t be the last of our adventures.  Since we’ve returned Nick has worked on another movie in Guatemala ( and has road-tripped across the country, and Joe has kayaked part of the Green River in Utah and climbed a number of 14ers.  We look forward to sharing our future adventures with you and being a supportive audience member for all of your adventures too!