A Creative Odyssey

“Rivers flow not past but through us; tingling, vibrating, exciting every cell and fiber in our bodies, making them sing and glide.”

-John Muir

Top 3 Highlights:

1.  Entering Louisiana– 5 months ago we stood in Montana and wondered how in the world we were going to reach Louisiana..  We’re finally here!taluula,LA

2.  Trash Competitions– We paddled a couple days with Bill (Great Lakes to the Gulf), Matt (Minneapolis to the Gulf), and Scott (Ohio River to Florida).  One morning Bill found a large tube on the beach and started a trash challenge where he assigned points for the type and size of trash we pulled from the river. trash2

3.  Hanging out with Matt and Jacelyn– Nick’s friend Matt said he was so inspired by our project that he quit his job and embarked on a country-wide road trip with his girlfriend Jacelyn.  We met up with them in Vicksburg, MS for some BBQ and a food resupply.10382775_10203099968405086_3660952444999317526_n

Bottom Lowlight:

1.  Walking through the Jungle– Joe needed to restock on food in Mayersville, MS.  The map application on his phone said there wasn’t a road from the river to town, so he hiked the 2,000 ft through the vines, poison ivy and dense forest to load up on food and water.  Seeing Mayersville was worth the effort though!

The Blog

This week the filmmaker of our crew, Nicholas Caiazza, put together a video blog to give a behind the scenes perspective on what filming on the river is like. Many factors can alter a production and on the river the only recipe for success is to go with the flow. The river dictates the production on various levels from when we’re able to recharge batteries to dictating shooting schedules with inclement weather.  At the end of the day keeping our gear dry and operational is the most important. Our success thus far is thanks to five easy steps that can also benefit your artistic passions in the natural world.

For those who aren’t as passionate as Nick about film, the “Filmmaker’s Perspective” will offer a sneak peek at how we gathered some of the footage for our upcoming documentary “Blackwater Drifters” coming Spring 2015.

Filmmaker’s Perspective: A Creative Odyssey from BLACKWATER DRIFTERS on Vimeo.

Gear Review:

  • We want to take a minute to again say thank you to Sachtler for providing us with gear that has made our production efficient and dynamic. Unfortunately, during the storm (featured in “When Storms Explode and Barges Attack”), the tripod sunk along with several other items. Thankfully we’re still able to use the Ace Follow Focus for handheld shots which allows us to get crisp images without sacrificing image stability. Rn3c3D3jOpseSB3ibFOkMQ


  • Bryan at the Grand Hotel in Natchez, MS welcomed us into his bar with open arms.  Thanks for making Natchez so great Mark and Bryan!bryan

Up Next:

  • We…. are…. so…. close!  Only about 350 miles to the ocean and our source to sea expedition will be successful!  Our next blog post is one we’ve been holding in reserve until the very end to present.